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It's Harshil Patel here from TopDog Trader.

Listen - I know you're busy and I completely understand, so I won't take up too much of your valuable time.

Let's get right to it - The fact that you're reading this right now means that you're interested in learning how to trade stocks or how to improve your trading, and you're curious about our Advanced Trading Programme, and how to learn our stock trading tactics and strategies.

You have questions and I have some answers. Now, whether I can help you achieve 100% of your trading goals, we don't know yet. 

So let's find out..

You Currently Face these issues when Trading

  • You have information OVERLOAD from so many sources, you don't know which source to follow.
  • You have a lack of information from QUALIFIED experts.
  • You're aren't getting CONSISTENT enough returns from Trading
  • You find it difficult to know WHEN to take profits and cut losses
  • You don't have TIME to continuously watch the markets
  • You are a complete NOVICE and would like to learn how to successfully make money from stocks

You have one or more of these trading goals but it hasn't happened yet

  • You want FEWER losses and CONSISTENT returns
  • You want to PROFIT from trading with LESS of your valuable time
  • You want to make CONFIDENT trading decisions
  • You want your investment to help you RETIRE comfortably
  • You want your MONEY to work much harder than it currently is

Do you identify with

Any of the Issues or Goals above?

If so, then keep reading, but let's check if this could be for you..

Who is this Program for?

  • Beginner or Intermediate Independent Traders and Investors that would like to know HOW we produce consistent and market beating RETURNS from stocks
  • Anyone willing to put in some time and effort to LEARN and implement strategies that could provide an additional income or BOOST SAVINGS significantly.
  • Driven individuals that believe knowledge is POWER and taking action is the only way to get RESULTS

Who is this Program not for?

  • People that are looking to get rich quick from trading. You will see people trying to convince you that you can, but history shows that you are unlikely to be able to do so.
  • Anyone that wants immediate results just from joining without properly implementing what we teach you.
  • Short term day traders or scalpers that wish to "profit" from short term movements in the markets (Very difficult for MOST traders to do CONSISTENTLY, no matter who tries to convince you otherwise).

Let me show you the POWER of Trading

At this point I think I've helped you to decide whether you should read further or not..

So, can this program help you?

I sure hope so! You were probably expecting me to say YES! But the truth is, yes, this program undoubtedly has CLEAR profitable strategies and years of experience to help you NAVIGATE the markets, but as with any program, you must be willing to listen, learn and implement the strategies that we talk about. We aren't talking rocket science - ALL of our strategies can be LEARNT and IMPLEMENTED by anyone, but it does require some discipline and patience.

So, what makes me qualified to create this fantastic ultimate course? What are my own trading results?

Well, you see, as I said, sixteen years of trading and investing experience has gone into this program, where seven of those years I was based on the trading floor of a British investment bank in the City of London. My main personal stock portfolio has achieved consistent annual returns of 30% with zero leverage. I go through many of my own stock trades in the program, including the reasons and strategies behind buying and selling. 

Where is the proof I hear you cry...

Unusually for traders, I have shared my portfolio from my broker in the name of transparency, so you can see for yourself that I actually do make money from stocks.

But here's what you need to know: NONE of this success would have been possible without learning specific tactics, strategies and traits. 

It's taken YEARS to learn each one of these, which is the reason for this program. I have distilled all of the most successful strategies and market behaviours from many years into this ONE UNIQUE PROGRAM that will take no more than 3 months to complete.



Want to know what works?

Where most people fail is from short term trading in volatile markets without really knowing what they are doing. This could even be you. 

Listen friend, I'm going to tell you very clearly - Short Term Trading will NOT make you wealthy. There is a famous statistic that 90% of traders fail. There are many reasons for this but by far the biggest is the lack of HIGH QUALITY education of the markets. 

For most people, short term trading will not provide sufficient long term returns. You could even liken it to a casino. 

So what do we do that's different?

We focus on high quality stocks with momentum combined with disciplined money management and our proprietary market timing techniques. Our trades are typically kept for 3-12 months. This also means that your time commitment is a LOT lower. You don't need to sit in front of a screen to trade like us. Once you've learnt our strategies and techniques, all you need is ONE HOUR every month!

I've been painstakingly testing stock strategies over thousands of hours over many years. I'm trying to help others learn what I have learnt but to do so over a few months rather than a DECADE

I want you to know what I know which is why I've created a program that gives you access to my entire "secret portal".


But first let's talk about a few myths that I've encountered in my journey as a trader/investor.



Trading is really risky and I could lose all of my money

Trading involves some risk. Yes. So does buying a house. So does putting your money in a bank account. 

Risk is everywhere and there are different levels of risk. Yes, the stockmarket involves more risk than putting your money in a bank account where your capital will be secure (as long as the bank is). But, with that additional risk, you would expect a greater return. No risk, no return, as they say!

WARNING: There are types of trading where the risk to your capital is high - typically leveraged trading, spreadbetting, and short term trading all involve much greater risk. When traders lose a lot of money in the stockmarket, it is more than likely that this is where they have done so.

The way we trade/invest involves ZERO leverage, where our companies are held for on average 3-12months, rather than 3-12 seconds, and our stock selection is diversified. By enacting these three factors, we considerably lower our risk. I hate to lose money so I am very careful and my methods of trading reflect that.  


Trading needs eyes on the screen at all times

Again, this is not true. Yes, there are types of trading that involves watching charts and the news at all hours of the day, but there are many different styles of trading. That is typical of day trading or scalping.

Our style of trading only requires ONE HOUR per month of your valuable time. This equates to just 15 minutes per week. 

Would you buy a property today and think to sell it tomorrow? I hope the answer to that is no, you wouldn't. There are costs involved in buying and selling and you may not get back what you paid for it. The same applies with stocks.

How Do You Know For Sure

My Strategies Work?

Well...Here is my current portfolio

The Advanced StockTrading Program

My 8 Module Course for Learning my Strategies, Techniques and Experiences with StockMarket Trading

8 Modules of Training Over 8 weeks

Learning through Audio, Video, Cheat Sheets, and Exercises

Everything Broken Down into Bitesize Pieces

Our Promise

After taking this program and implementing the steps, I can guarantee to you that you will be a better, more educated trader than you were before. 

Even those that have been trading/investing for some years will no doubt learn some new and wonderful material that will help you on your trading journey.

Learning never ends. Your learning should continue even after the clear and simple steps that I lay out in the program. Never stop learning. 

So, what's inside the Advanced Stocktrading Program?

I can't really fit it all here but I'll give you a rough idea what's included. Remember, it's evolving and new material can be added at any time.

Everything you need to know about our

Our Actual Stock Selection Strategies

  • The Exact Stock Selection Criteria That We Use
  • 11 Questions You Must Ask of a Company Before Buying
  • 11 Reasons Why Stocks Move
  • 11 Factors to Put Stocks on Your Watchlist
  • 15 Profitable Trading Strategies that Work for Us
  • Everything You Need to Know About Stock Splits, Dividends, and New Issues
  • 3 Strategies to implement when the Market is falling
  • How we go from a Watchlist to an actual trade

Market Timing Methods

That Can Optimise Trading Performance

  • 3 Ways To Know if you are in a Bull Market or Bear Market
  • 3 Key Strategies to Profit from Market Panics and Corrections
  • How to Know When the Trend has Turned or if it’s a Temporary Blip
  • The stages of the market cycle and which sectors outperform in each
  • Seasonality factors you need to know of
  • How to Optimise your Buying and Selling to make additional profit gains

Mastering Money Management

To Aid Consistent Trading Success

  • Money Management Lessons that will significantly amplify your net profits
  • Everything you need to know about stop losses -Whether to use them, when to use them and how to use them.
  • 3 Money Management rules to live by – Its not all about stock selection
  • Where, When and How I Take Profits
  • How Mastering Money Management is more important that Stock Selection
  • When You Can Allow Yourself to Break a Money Management Rule

Crisis Management and Psychology

To Protect Capital and Enhance Returns in Difficult Times

  • 3 Psychology factors that all traders need to know
  • How to use spreadbetting tactically to protect against downturns
  • How to short the market just when the market is turning
  • Is a market panic the time to buy or sell?
  • Which Stocks and Sectors can Perform best in a Market Panic
  • How to Effectively Be Contrarian When Everyone Around You is Thinking The Same

How to Effectively Use

Technical Analysis

  • How not to overcomplicate technical analysis – 3 Indicators are all you need
  • How I use charts to time my entry and exit points
  • How to short the market just when the market is turning
  • My Methods to Combining Technical Analysis with Fundamental Analysis
  • What to really Look for in Charts
  • From Trend Lines to Stochastic Oscillators - We explain it all

Become a Disciplined Trader by

Mastering Rules and Avoiding Mistakes

  • 10 Types of Trader that you might be but you really SHOULD NOT be.
  • Avoiding errors that all beginners make
  • Lessons from the financial crisis of 2008
  • 90% of traders lose money – 15 mistakes traders make that explains why they lose
  • My own mistakes and what I learnt from them
  • My Steps to becoming a Disciplined Trader

Enrol Now in

The Advanced StockTrading Program

Today Before It's Closed

As you may already know, we are closing enrollment for this program VERY soon.

With Learning How to Trade, you have two choices really:

1) Go it alone, spend thousands of pounds in learning the trade, waste thousands more through trading mistakes that could have been avoiding with some Expert Knowledge, spend thousands of hours trying to make it work not knowing whether there is light at the end of the tunnel or not and wasting 3-10 years of your life...


2) Learn a proven system from someone that has not just done it, but has mastered it and is pretty successful at it.

Bonus #1

The StockLists

These are our Top 10 Stock Selections across several Portfolio Types - EVERY MONTH

  • Top 10 Quality Momentum Stocks Selection (£97 value)
  • Top 10 Value Momentum Stocks Selection (£97 value)
  • Top 10 Small Cap Growth Stocks Selection (£97 value)

If you're considering enrolling in the program now, I'm going to throw in some very valuable bonuses to make this an absolute No-Brainer for you.

Even if you learn absolutely nothing about stocktrading and merely buy the stocks in my Top 10 Stock Selections lists, you will almost be making the same purchases that I do (Although I don't suggest you do that - The stocks that I purchase are from these lists, but to determine which ones in particular are bought, I would suggest you learn the course material first).

This is an amazing Time Saver!

So, you can see that this is a valuable bonus - I almost didn't include it, but I decided to in the end because, you see, I really do want to give you as much value as possible. 

Bonus #2

Weekly SuperStocks List

This is a filtered and narrowed down list of stocks to watch EVERY SINGLE WEEK

Fewer than 20 Key Stocks to watch every week, from our custom filters AND handpicked after our subjective reviews. We call this our SuperStocks List as this is where we pick all of our stock purchases from. It is the final list of stocks that we deem to satisfy all of our criteria for a good trading opportunity. This list in our eyes is pure gold!  

This list alone is worth £197 but we're throwing it in for our special offer below.

Bonus #3

Our Live Trade Alerts

Every trade that we make, whether it's a buy or sell, will be sent to your inbox

Every trade that we make, whether it's a buy or sell, will be sent to your inbox

Want to know what we are trading on the same day that we are buying or selling? No problem - we're throwing this in. This is our most popular bonus, and I can see why.  

You can't get this anywhere else. Competent traders/investors willing to share their ideas and actions. 

Now we're really talking! 

We offer this service as a stand alone subscription (usual price £87/month), but we're willing to include it with today's awesome offer.

Bonus #4

1-1 Email Contact for a Year

A WHOLE YEAR of 1-1 Access with Us to Ask any Questions you Desire

Last but not least..

An entire Year of Access with us - that means with Me. That's right - I'll be answering most of your trading questions myself.

All FOUR of these amazing bonuses are my gift to you today, just to say thanks for reading and getting this far.

Some say that the value of this program is priceless

So, What's a Fair Price?

Originally all of the components of our offering were being offered as a consultancy package of just under £7,000, charging just under £600 per month. 

That Price was (believe it or not) a bargain! Even at that price, many of our clients found that they would recover the entire year's cost within months, once they had learnt and implemented the teachings of the course.

Some clients even recovered the cost from merely copying our trades. (We don't recommend you do this as we are educators as well as traders and would hope that our students are learning too, but there's nothing we can do to stop you.)

Do you know why that price was (and still is) a bargain? Well, we have yet to meet a single client that has regretted taking our program.

Also, our program is unique. We offer tremendous value to our clients.

Where else can you learn what we teach?

Quite frankly, no one place will teach you exactly what we do. We have spent years bringing it all together and the access we provide to professionals is priceless. 

For a very limited time, you can enroll in the Advanced Stocktrading Program for just

£997 or 12 payments of £149.

WARNING: The Cost of NOT doing this Program

Enrollment is closing down.

If you're on this page today, you can still enroll, but we are 100% removing this offer.

You may be looking at this program and wondering whether you can afford it or whether you should invest the money in it. 

Unfortunately this only looks at the cost of TAKING action.

What about the cost of NOT TAKING action?

Low trading returns, trading losses, inconsistent returns and so much more.

Trading successfully has the power to give you financial freedom. 

Trading unsuccessfully has the power to remove that from you.

Don't waste your health, time and money by letting this go.

You are completely covered by our

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If any ANY time over the next 30 days, you feel that investing in this program was a mistake, or it wasn't what you expected or wanted, all you have to do is send me an email and I'll give you a full refund straight away.


If you're not serious about learning how to trade like we do and you think there's a good possibility you might want your money back, then I respectively suggest that you don't enroll today.

The guarantee is here to make sure that you are FULLY protected.

For a very limited time, you can enroll in the Advanced Stocktrading Program for just

£997 or 12 payments of £149.

I really look forward to working with you and watching your trading performance improve.

We pride ourselves greatly in seeing our teachings come to life.

The choice is yours. Are you ready?


Kind regards,

Harshil Patel, TopDogTrader.com

For a very limited time, you can enroll in the Advanced Stocktrading Program for just

£997 or 12 payments of £149.