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The Topdog Investor Service uses bespoke quantitative parameters to find the best investments for a DIY portfolio.

We use it to grow our own £100,000+ Portfolio

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Why TopDog Trader?

Performance Comparison

In the past 12months*, the TopDog Trader portfolio has gained an average return of 33.5%, outperforming both the FTSE 100 (11.8%) and S&P500 (13.8%).

There were 17 stocks  in the TopDogTrader portfolio of stocks that were all bought within the prior 12 months.

All stocks were selected from the TopDog Investor Service in addition to further qualitative research. 

*As of 20th July 2017.

Why the TopDog Investor Service?

Save Time

Access filtered lists of stocks that have been through a vigourous quantitative process to find those that meet specific bespoke criteria relevant to current market conditions.

Save Money

We believe our service is so valuable, it should pay for itself within days. It also includes tons of bespoke and high quality research reports and additional material.

Take Control Of Your Investments

We arm you with the tools and knowledge to allow you to grow and manage your investments yourself with just ONE HOUR per month.

Share our own journey

Be confident by knowing that we have “skin in the game”. We have a real £100,000+ stock portfolio practicing what we teach.

Use our Expert knowledge

TopDog Trader has 17 years of trading and investing experience, with 7 years in the City of London.

Learn from Investment Gurus

Receive summaries of investment methods and tactics from other admired and seasoned professional investors.

1 Month Free Trial. No Credit Card details required. Cancel Anytime.

What We Do

  • Factor Based Stock Selection
  • Growth, Quality, Value and Momentum Strategies
  • Provide you with the knowledge and tools to succeed
  • Share our Bespoke Selection Criteria with you
  • Show how we handle market panics

What We Don't Do

  • Short Term Day Trading
  • FX Trading
  • Manage your Investments For You
  • Provide Investment Advice

How Do You Know For Sure

Our Strategies Work

Well, here is our actual portfolio..

Snapshot taken: 5th May 2017

Please read our full disclaimers. Stocks can go down as well as up. Capital is at risk. Performance is not guaranteed. Please consult a financial advisor to determine your suitability if you are unsure. We do not provide investment advice. All of our material is only for information and educational purposes.

1 Month Free Trial. No Credit Card details required. Cancel Anytime.

What does it Include?

Everything you Need to Know About Our

Actual Stock Selection Strategies

  • The Exact Stock Selection Criteria we are using
  • The Stocklists that Match our bespoke criteria
  • 11 Questions you must ask of a company before buying
  • 15 Profitable Trading Strategies that work for us
  • 3 Strategies to Implement when the market is falling
  • 11 Reasons why stocks move

Market Timing Methods

That Can Optimise Trading Performance

  • 3 Ways To Know if you are in a Bull Market or Bear Market
  • 3 Key Strategies to Profit from Market Panics and Corrections
  • How to Know When the Trend has Turned
  • The stages of the market cycle and sectors performance
  • Must Know Seasonality factors
  • How to Optimise your Buying and Selling to make additional profit gains

Mastering Money Management

To Aid Consistent Trading Success

  • Money Management Lessons that will significantly amplify your net profits
  • Everything you need to know about stop losses -Whether to use them, when to use them and how to use them.
  • 3 Money Management rules to live by – Its not all about stock selection
  • Where, When and How We Take Profits
  • How Mastering Money Management is more important that Stock Selection
  • When You Can Allow Yourself to Break a Money Management Rule

1 Month Free Trial. No Credit Card details required. Cancel Anytime.